Money is the single biggest barrier to people undertaking postgraduate study, and securing funding for your PhD is vital to realising your ambitions.

These pages will help you estimate how much studying for a postgraduate degree will cost, 解释如何寻找奖学金, 助学金, 奖学金和其他你可能有资格获得的奖励, and introduce a number of alternative ideas that can help you fund your postgraduate studies. 


Specific fees are listed in every programme entry under the 'Finance' tab. You can find out more about our fee structure and your fee status on 188bet亚洲体育在线APP的费用页面.


作为罗素集团的一员, we attract funding to support postgraduate study and research from all major research councils through a number of high profile 资助中心, and via a multitude of philanthropic sources, as well as investing heavily ourselves.

你可以找到更多关于188bet亚洲体育在线APP的具体信息 博士资助页面. 188bet亚洲体育在线APP的另类资助页面 offers more ideas for how to help fund your postgraduate research degree, at any level of study.


您也可以通过188bet亚洲体育在线APP资金数据库 - which contains details of every single PhD studentship we offer, 以及众多的奖学金和非学术奖学金. Use the search box on the 研究生的研究 home page or from the top navigation bar on every page of this site.

无论你是在攻读硕士学位还是博士学位, your tuition fee is only one part of the cost of doing a postgraduate degree: you also have to consider accommodation and living costs.


学费 vary for 首页/EU students and 国际学生. 188bet亚洲体育在线APP一般 研究学位费用页面 能帮你确定哪个适合你吗.

研究学位的学费因学科而异, so please refer to Finance tabs on the relevant degree page to confirm exact costs.


住宿 costs will vary depending on whether you live in private or University-owned accommodation. More details regarding accommodation, including costs, are available on our 住宿页面.


The National Union of Students estimates student living costs, including accommodation, to be 每年大约12000英镑 伦敦以外.

生活费用在某种程度上取决于你. You will need to make choices about how you live and what your priorities are, 但一定要考虑到:

  • 食品和化妆品
  • 衣服和洗衣
  • 移动/电话/网络费用
  • 签证费(针对国际学生)
  • 市政局税(非全日制学生可缴交)
  • 旅行费用,特别是如果你想在假期回家
  • 书籍和其他课程材料
  • 休闲、运动和娱乐
  • 理发、配药等杂项.

你可能会发现 哪种学生预算计算器 在计划预算时很有用.


国际学生 may incur additional costs - please see our 签证的网页 为更多的细节.


Student finance is different for everyone, and can be complicated. 如果您有任何问题,请188bet亚洲体育在线APP 学生咨询处(SID)

There are several things to consider when you're starting to look for funding for your postgraduate degree.


If you have an inkling that you might want to do a postgraduate degree, 然后你就可以从一开始就开始计划和储蓄了. 周末或暑期工作的工资, 从你的本科学生贷款中抽走一小部分, and any other small bits of long-term saving you can do will really help, especially if you put this money somewhere sensible where it will grow and where you can’t give in to temptation and spend it on a whim. Many PhD students can also take advantage of studying on a part-time basis in order to work alongside your research. 看到188bet亚洲体育在线APP度持续时间 更多信息页面.


如果你申请读博士, it's worthwhile talking to your potential supervisor about funding early on. Many academics have access to funds from multiple sources that can be diverted to provide a bespoke studentship for the right candidate. These types of opportunities are rarely promoted as they're not standard 助学金 from research councils. Academics may also know about other potential routes to funding only promoted via specific academic networks.


当申请资助时,记住奖项是有竞争力的, and sell yourself accordingly; tell the funding body or institution why you deserve this money more than the next applicant and what you plan to do with your postgraduate qualification when they’ve helped you pay for it.


不要只追求大, eye-catching scholarships; everyone else will be chasing these too, and you can normally only hold one scholarship from a university or 研究 Council, 哪一个是大多数大额奖金的来源. 有数百个小的, often very local charities that specialise in providing small grants – maybe £500 – for educational purposes, and you can hold as many of these as you can apply for and successfully be awarded. Receiving a handful of small awards like this can quickly take a sizeable chunk off your tuition fees.

There are more ideas about how to pay for your postgraduate degree on our 替代融资页面.


Undergraduate students can only borrow 15 items from the University library system, but PhD students and other postgraduate researchers can borrow 40, meaning you can avoid buying every text book and piece of further reading. 电子书可以提供更大的帮助.

Selling your old textbooks if you don’t need them anymore can also make you a surprising amount of money, especially if they’re in good condition and still current editions.


A more mature approach to shared living can really help a postgraduate student house save money; planning food shops together and batch cooking so you can freeze meals in advance is much more economical. Taking a packed lunch to campus might make you feel like you're at school again, 但是会帮你省钱.


Universities usually offer plenty of flexible and part-time work that can fit itself around postgraduate study, 特别是如果你是兼职学习. This might be teaching undergraduates if you’re working towards a PhD, 也可以是从事客户服务或管理工作, 比如当学生大使.


If you have to travel to campus then minimise the amount of journeys you make by coordinating campus-based activities to be on the same day. 如果距离不太远的话,可以考虑买辆自行车.


Don’t forget student discount; many retailers offer this, 你还是有资格读研究生的.